Episode #099 - December 18, 2005

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Super Flower Power Well, don't say I didn't warn you…. here it is. The Super Flower Power Vibrator, and if one weren't enough, we have three for you.

Huge mother daisies, the petals come off and the center vibrates. The ladybug in the handle is the control. Oh…spare me, this is asinine. There is a flower key-ring and a junior edition both of which are waterproof and equally stupid.

This company has made a few great sex toys, the I Rub my Duckie, and I Rub my Penguin, but their rubba fishie hit the trash. No, actually, the flowers are going to end up in my garden along with the gnome and nun vibrator from a previous show. I'll tell ya, by summer, my garden is going to be looking swell.

Sorry but no briquets for the SUPER FLOWER POWER VIBRATORS - they are beyond absurd.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Hide-No-Seek Bag Here's a nifty idea if you've got nosy kids around the house. The HIDE-NO-PEEK storage bag is designed to hold sex toys and hang in the closet. It comes in a variety of washable fabrics, and most importantly, it has a combination lock to keep snoops out! You can also remove the hanger, and just use it as a lockable bag in a drawer.

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Sue's Mini Review

“SEX AND LOVE FOR GROWNUPS - A No-Nonsense Guide to a Life of Passion” by Salllie Foley is a comfortable, reassuring book. It is aimed squarely at the over-50 crowd and it makes it clear that even though the body is changing, love gets better with age. No pressure to be multi orgasmic, but to enhance the passion in a loving relationship. There is a real lack of information about love-making for this age group, and Foley's book fits the bill perfectly.


How would you rate your sex life in 2005?

Lousy - 29%

Fair - 17%

Good - 21%

Spectacular! - 33%