Episode #100! - January 8, 2006

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Synergy Pleasure System This product is so fantastic that I hesitate to call it a 'sex toy'.

The Sinclair Intimacy Institute is well known for its focus on good, accurate information/education videos with their Better Sex series. We were excited when they came out with this unique vibrating APPLIANCE they call the BETTER SEX SYNERGY PLEASURE SYSTEM.

It is rechargeable, so no batteries to drop dead on you. Instead of vibrating, it OSCILLATES, which is a far more sensual movement than a motor banging around inside. There are 7 interchangeable heads so you are bound to find one to become addicted to. Plus, it is quiet, easy to clean, has a nice hand balance, and is gorgeous to look at. The velour pouch is a cute touch if you are traveling.

Gotta tell you, this is one toy that the crew is going to fight over. I wanted to give the SYNERGY PLEASURE SYSTEM 5 briquets, but the producer was not going to let me get away with that. So, it's getting 4 briquets with a not so subtle 'nudge, nudge, wink, wink' from me. This is the finest toy we've seen this season.

Crew Review!

Pirates DVD Tonight's "couple friendly" erotic film was reviewed by Germaine and Lily - "Pirates", released by Digital Playground Inc.

Lily loved the production values, but was put off by the less-than-stellar acting. However, she thought the guys were very attractive and was compelled enough by the story to watch the whole thing. Same goes for Germaine - he loved it, thought it was fun to watch, and admitted that it did, indeed, 'shiver his timber'!

RATING: 2 Turn-ons!
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Sue's Mini Review

Well because I raved about the Sinclair Synergy Pleasure System, I have to balance it off with yet another trashy book of nothingness by Tracey Cox, entitled Pocket SUPERFLIRT. Lots of old news about body language and dating. Here's some body language for you (YAWN) – what's that tell ya? Ho hum. Not even good shredded as kitty litter for my cat.


Have you ever had a threesome?

YES - 32%

NO - 68%