Episode #104 - February 5, 2006

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Durex Ellipse Neat packaging for this very sophisticated DUREX PLAY ELLIPSE PERSONAL MASSAGER. It has a sleek ergonomic shape and nice colours, but I must admit our tester did find it a bit heavy. Very interesting, the instruction pamphlet says “This product is intended for external body masssage”. Does that mean you can't use it for deep vaginal penetration? That is probably up to you.

The ELLIPSE does have some other wonderful features. It is rechargeable, which will save you a bundle on batteries. Although it is not waterproof, there's a handy plug that covers the recharging hole so you can wash the whole thing off. You could not run it through the dishwasher, though, so don't even think about it.

The surprising thing is where it is made – England, believe it or not. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't expect stuffy old Britannia to produce such an elegant design. I'd expect something that looks more like a turnip. But no, the quality is superb - so good in fact that it comes with a one-year warranty. Unheard of with sex toys.

So, a couple of quibbles, but still a high-class toy. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, our tester gave the DUREX PLAY ELLIPSE 3 briquets.

Crew Review

Madam Curtis The crew continues their quest to find erotic films that are appealing to both males and females. Tonight, Patsy and Jay tackled "Madam Curtis - New Sensations".

Patsy loved the film. The production values and the "nimble" performers got her motor running, and she rated it a "Turn-On". Jay, on the other hand, thought the film was "too slick". It was not raunchy enough for his taste, and the music track really put him off because it drowned out the passionate noises of the performers. He rated it a "Turn-Off", but somehow failed to return the DVD!

cover Sue's Mini Review

It is sad to say that this book is a survival guide for young, single, women today, but it is true… A GIRL'S GOTTA DO WHAT A GIRL'S GOTTA DO by Kathleen Baty. It could have been called Listen to your Gut and your head. This is a guidebook to self-defense for women and trusting your intuition. The author was a stalking victim herself, and these are her practical pointers for personal safety.


Ever had sex on a waterbed? Is it better or worse than a regular mattress?

BETTER - 25%

WORSE - 50%


(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)