Episode #105 - February 12, 2006

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

52 Weeks Tonight, we wanted something romantic for Valentine's Day in the HOT STUFF BAG - instead, we got tacky.

Normally the Sinclair Intimacy Institute is a class act, but 52 WEEKS OF PASSIONATE SEX is good for about two weeks in Niagara Falls when you never put the blinds up. It's like getting the “No-Tell Motel” in a box.

There are fake rose petals for the bed - hey, whatever happened to the real thing? Same goes for a mangy feather that has seen better days on a half-starved chicken. There's a garden-variety, scented red candle, and blinders. Man, you can get those free on an overnight flight. Plus, there's a hard, plastic vibrator, no battery included, and a dinky heart-shaped sponge. Got me there.

Luckily, there are a few redeeming features. There is a deck of 24 flash-cards with innovative, erotic instructions for you and your partner. Another book offers some sexual inspiration for perking things up in bed. And finally, there's a great book of erotica to read together out loud.

Too bad about the sleazy crap, but the cards and books are keepers. We'll burn the fake rose petals on the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, and see if we can warm 52 WEEKS OF PASSIONATE SEX up to 2 briquets.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Devine Toy Box Here are two beautiful storage boxes for your private collection. The Devine Toy Box, made of satin and faux leather, comes with its own lock and key. And the Devine Condom Cube, with its faux leather finish and magnetic closure, will look very manly on your night-table. Plus, it's easy to open with one hand.

Sue's Mini Review

    I insist, if you can't flirt now, when do you think you are gonna do it? Here is a great, little book - THE HOUSEWIFE'S GUIDE TO THE PRACTICAL STRIPTEASE, written by Miyiko Fujimori, published by Indulgent Press. It's fully illustrated with tips on everything from body waxing to what music to strip to. Give yourself permission to do a sexy bump and grind just for the fun of it.


Should Valentine's Day be a national holiday?

YES - 32%

NO - 64%


(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)