Episode #106 - February 19, 2006

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Eve's Harness Strap-on Kit I can't show you the package this thing comes in, but let me tell you what you are missing. It epitomizes everything that I hate in sex toys: Two big-busted blondes in skimpy black lacy lingerie, one wearing a large fake penis, and both of them sporting a “come and get me” look. Just nauseating. Can't they just show the product without the sleaze?

Once I got beyond that initial revulsion, I examined EVE'S HARNESS STRAP-ON KIT more closely, and you know what – it ain't bad. The harness is sturdy, easy to clean and it expands to accommodate a person of large girth. It is crotchless, so there is access for genital stimulation, and it also allows you to pee if necessary. Hey, I got my priorities straight. It comes with one large realistic dildo and a smaller softer one, so your partner has a choice of what's comfortable for him or her.

Even though it looks like camping gear from 'Brokeback Mountain', this is one of the better strap-ons that we have tested. You just have to get past the trashy packaging. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we are giving EVE'S STRAP-ON KIT 3 briquets. Crew agreed.

Hot Stuff Extra!

SenSlip Here's a new British product for guys who want a foreskin replacement. Called SENSLIP, this stretchy, latex tube is worn on the penis daily. The end retracts for urination and SENSLIP is removed before having sex.

Over a few weeks, the head of the penis regains the sensitivity it lost after circumcision. The sleeve is hand-washable, comes in 10 sizes and several skin-colours. Trim it to fit your penis properly. The manufacturer recommends replacement every 10 days.

cover Sue's Mini Review

Just when I thought we had exhausted the orgasm books, along comes “THE MULTI-ORGASMIC WOMAN” by MANTAK CHIA and RACHAEL ABRAMS. Mantak Chia is the co author of “The Multi Orgasmic Man.” Since research shows that men do not read sex books, I can only assume that it was not a best seller. Better to hit females, most of whom consider themselves lucky if they have one orgasm. Now there is an expectation that sexy women SHOULD be multi orgasmic. Look lady, if that is what YOU want, then read the book because it does cover that. But don't let anybody imply that you are less than adequate if you only have one boomer, and don't fake multi's just to satisfy your partner.


Have you ever had sex in your workplace?

YES - 35%

NO - 65%

(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)