Episode #108 - March 5, 2006
Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Ultimate Personal Shaver Okay, so it's not exactly a sex toy, but we get SO many calls and emails about shaving pubic hair that we thought we'd add the topic to the HOT STUFF BAG.

The Ultimate Personal Shaver comes in a luxurious black box that includes several items. There's a Trimming Shaver – the long, thin one – used for cropping longer hair; and a Finishing Shaver – the short, fat one – which is used to get right down to the skin. There's also talc, a talc brush, and a cleaning tool. Let me warn you, you'll break your pet fingernail getting this out of its slot - I pried it out with a knife and some bad language.

After that, I was impressed, and your partner will appreciate you not using their razor. The kit also includes some stencils, such as a heart and a butterfly, just in case you want to indulge in some “pubic art.”

Other than the fact that the shaver is slow, it does work, and is much safer than using a regular razor on your genitals. I must admit, I did not use the stencils - I can't imagine being admitted to Emerg. with a heart carved in my pubic hair.

Although it is not a sex toy, for the guy or gal who has everything, the ULTIMATE PERSONAL SHAVER is a kinda cute idea. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we are rating it 3 briquets.

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Hot Stuff Extra!

Olivia Tush Toy

Here's the type of anal vibrator we like to see – the O' My Olivia Tush Toy. Small, silicone, totally flexible, multi-speed, and removable bullet for easy cleaning. You can even use the bullet as a separate toy. A keeper!

cover Sue's Mini Review

O.K. gotta be honest and admit, I did not read the book - I did exactly what everybody else will do, look at the pictures. The book, THE WILD GUIDE TO SEX AND LOVING by SIOBHAN KELLY, features cover-to-cover bouncy females and gorgeous hunks doing an impressive acrobatic sexual orgy. Same sex, twosomes and threesomes, S&M - you name it, you got it. There is text, but the photography is so erotic you won't need your bifocals. This book will fire up some hot fantasies!

Sunday Night Poll Results

Do you remember how many people you've had sex with?

YES - 79%

NO - 17%

MAYBE - 4%

(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)