<>Episode #111 - March 26, 2006
Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Little Gold vibrator We had an old expression in Kenora, “coming into gold”, and this puts a whole new meaning to the phrase.

The LITTLE GOLD is a long, slim, waterproof vibrator that is silent and made of 24 carat gold. Yup, you heard right. (We assume gold-plated, but couldn't find a reference to that.) So it ain't cheap, but it is truly unique and it just feels luxurious in your hand.

These are created individually by a commercial designer, and not by a sex toy company. They also make a platinum version that's even pricier. You'd have to be a movie star or a Republican to own one of those.

The LITTLE GOLD runs for 16 hours on one battery. It is strong and weighty, and since gold is a non-reactive material, it's perfect for people with allergies or concerns about the materials in regular toys. Plus, it can be personally engraved by the manufacturer.

My only concern is that it is rigid, so “gently Bentley” is the operative phrase here. Vibrations can be hard on the motor so if the LITTLE GOLD poops out on you, a replacement motor is readily available.

I'm sure you are dying to know the price. We usually don't give prices, but tonight we will make an exception - these sell for $275. Guess who gets to keep this one after the show? Our tester gave it 4 briquets, and that is as good as it gets for this gold gem.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Pillpaks 58% of women forget to take their birth control pills at the same time every day, and this is a simple, but clever, solution. It's called PILLPAK, and is a birth control pill case with an alarm. It holds either round or flat packs of pills. Pillpaks come in several different styles and are available online.


cover Sue's Mini Review

Instead of reviewing a book tonight, I am eating crow. I have slammed so many books by Tracey Cox that it's time I gave her credit for a great product. Wow! Called SUPERSEX DECK, there are 52 cards, each with a different fun idea for sex play. Titillating tips, tricks and techniques - if you think you have done it all, guess what, you ain't tried nothing yet. Nice package, gorgeous sexy photos, and plenty of ideas for a hot weekend or two. Good going Tracey!

Sunday Night Poll Results

If a male birth control pill was available, would you trust a new guy who said he was on ti?

YES - 10%

NO - 71%

DON'T KNOW - 19%

(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)