Episode #115 - April 30, 2006

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Emotional Bliss Isis Luxury packaging, luxury sex toy, luxury price. This is the EMOTIONAL BLISS ISIS, a finger-tip vibrator designed for clitoral stimulation. It comes with three different sizes of finger-holders for different size hands; it is made of medical grade soft plastic with imbedded anti-bacterial agents and is rechargeable.

For the most part, I am favourably impressed with the Emotional Bliss line of sex toys, which are made in England. The quality is first-rate. But this is all glitz and glamour - basically, the ISIS is a jazzed up FUKUOKU.

The rechargeable batteries will last 3 ½ hours. Fine, but most people can't last 3 ½ hours. My old original Fukuoku that I use for teaching - of course! - has lasted over 5 years with only 2 new watch batteries, and mine costs $30.00 compared to $70.00. So, you do the math.

I will say there is a trend in sex toys towards high-quality, expensive items that will last for decades. ISIS certainly fits that bill and it sets a new standard for this type of vibrator. So, on the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we are giving it 3 briquets. If you've got the money, go for it.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Wonder Massager The Wonder Massager is a nice little vibrator for the shower or bath. Totally waterproof, its flat, rubberized head is not intended for insertion, but does feel great on other body parts that crave attention. The buttons on the bottom are ideal for slippery hands to control. A good, simple design.

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Sue's Mini Review cover

This is the best. I loved it. The book, THE BEST AMERICAN EROTICA 2006 was just wonderful. You can only read one story at a time because you have to take “the pause that refreshes.” It is a collection of short erotic stories by famous authors, so it is not sleazy crap - it is cute, funny and realistic. If you are stuck in neutral, pick up a copy. It is probably the best $14.00 sexual kick-start around.

Sunday Night Poll Results

Have you ever faked an orgasm?

YES - 58%

NO - 40%


(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)