Episode #117 - May 17, 2006

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Cory and Sue on set

Our resident sex-toy expert, and co-author of "The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability", Cory Silverberg, joined us
for a strange look at some rather unusual sex toys:

The Wave The Wave is a waterproof, purple vibrator that provides G-spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. What I love is the handle - so many women ask me about finding a sex toy with a handle, and this is perfect. It also has a great, futuristic design, all smooth lines and organic curves.
Royal Gauntlet The Royal Gauntlet from Sue's line is a wonderfully kinky variation on the standard finger-vibe. It's basically a silicone glove that has a 7-speed, remote-control vibrator built into the tip of the finger. Very decadent, and the remote control is a major improvement on the typical dial you find on these types of vibes.
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Royal Clamps Many women - and more and more men - love having nipple stimulation. The vibrating Royal Clamps are great for their portability (thankfully they are wireless!) and their functionality. They are light weight, have soft rubber tips, and provide both pressure stimulation and a good buzz.
Je Joue Je Joue is the vibrator of the future. It doesn't just vibrate - it glides, pulses, and swirls. Most importantly, it has a computerized memory, so you can set up your own favourite sequence of stimulation, and it will repeat it next time. It comes with 10 of these "grooves" installed, and you can go to their web site and download sequences posted by other users, or post your own groove for others to share. Very cool, and very expensive - $325.
Torq Ring
The Torq Ring is a hefty, steel, cock ring that is so gorgeous it is practically jewellery. This is worn around the base of the testicles and penis, and as it warms up to body temperature, it adds a very sensual weight to the whole area. You put this on before you get erect. The rings come in a few different sizes and actually have beautiful patterns sand-blasted right onto them.
Love Whip The Love Whip is designed for couples who want to introduce some mild S&M into their love-making. The whip is a soft, silky fabric that's been braided, and it doesn't produce much of a sting - sort of like getting hit by yarn. It has a metal D-ring for clipping on to your harness or whatever other fantasy paraphernalia you care to wear.
Jesse's Foot Fetish Fantasy
This show gets alot of calls about foot fetishes, and it's the most common fetish in the world, but there aren't many toys out there that cater to this preference. Jesse's Senso Foot Fetish Fantasy is one of the few we could find. It's a soft, stretchy masturbator with stroker beads on the interior. Easy to clean and really handy if you think Cinderella is an erotic story.

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cover Sue's Mini Review

I know a lot of people regard anal sex as absolutely beyond the realm, but judging by the number of questions I get at colleges and universities plus the number that come in to TALK SEX every week, there are a lot of folks who have questions and concerns about the topic. The ULTIMATE GUIDE TO ANAL SEX FOR WOMEN by TRISTAN TAORMINO is a handy guide. Included are health and safety tips, pleasure techniques, and a section for males. It is a great resource if anal sex is what you are into.

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