Episode #118 - May 21, 2006

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Best of Hot Stuff Extra Throughout the season, we have been featuring some cute and innovative items in our HOT STUFF EXTRA bumpers, and tonight, I thought we would recap some of the best:

C&M Travel Romance Kit

We loved the C&M COUPLES TRAVEL ROMANCE KIT. It's a fragrant mix of aromatherapy products, including a small scented candle, linen-mist for the bed, massage cream, bath gel, and a sea sponge, all in a cute little lunchbox. It's a super shower gift or birthday present for someone special.

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Wild in Secret Bondage Sashes

When callers ask about experimenting with mild bondage, I always suggest using something soft for tying up your partner. Well, these WILD IN SECRET BONDAGE SASHES sure beat an old pair of pantyhose. They are soft and silky, easy to clean, and each one features a butterfly pattern made of real Swarovski crystals. Very upscale bondage.

Supersex Deck

Tracey Cox is an author that I rarely praise, but I had to eat my words with this product – THE SUPERSEX DECK. It has 52 playing cards with some very steamy photos and titillating tips for a frisky evening or two. Let's put it this way – with these cards, you are going to be playing UNDER the card-table, not on top of it.

Big O Vibrating Cock Ring

Here's something for guys – THE BIG “O” is a vibrating, silicone cock ring that is stretchy enough to encircle the base of the penis and the testicles. Often these stretchy cock rings are too thin and can pinch the skin – not this one. It is thick enough to provide a gentle “squeeze” to the genitals that many guys find very pleasurable. The vibrator pulses in a random pattern, which feels great, and the battery is replaceable. Drive him wild with one of these.

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Hide No Peek Storage Bag

Here's a cute idea – it's called the HIDE-NO-PEEK storage bag. It is designed to hold sex toys and hang in the closet. Take out the hanger and it's washable, and the best part is that it has a combination lock to keep snoopy kids from prying into adult business.

Pirates DVD

This season, my crew set out to find erotic films that were “couple-friendly”, something that both genders could enjoy. The quest was pretty much of a bust, but Germaine and Lily did find one film they would both recommend – PIRATES. They thought the acting was so-so, but the production values and story were excellent, and the bodies weren't bad either. Germaine said it shivered his timber.

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So that's it - our round-up of the best Hot Stuff Extra products this year. Consider them all winners!

cover Sue's Mini Review

We get questions about what foods are aphrodisiacs and what foods can change the taste of ejaculate. Turns out - it is not just one food but a well-balanced diet.

GREAT FOOD, GREAT SEX, by Robert Fried and Lyn Edlen-Nezin, will not make you horny, but when you DO get in the mood, the sex will be so much better. And there are lots of easy recipes to make getting there half the fun.

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