Episode #122 - October 29, 2006

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

The Cone Our sex toy researcher predicts that this will be the most talked-about toy of the year. It is called THE CONE, and it is truly a unique shape for a vibrator. It looks like something out of Star Wars.

THE CONE has a heavy, non-slip base, takes 3C batteries and you will break your favorite fingernail trying to pry it open. You can sit on it, lie on it, squat on it or back up to it. I love the warning, “for external use only”. You are not going to insert the Cone too far into any orifice, that's for sure.

It is made of silicone, so it is pliable with a bit of give, durable and easy to clean. The powerful, high-quality motor has 16 different vibrating functions, including an “orgasm mode”. Sounds good to me.

My tester was blown away by this toy. She said its best feature was that - because you don't have to hold it - it provides a “hands-free orgasmic experience.” Before she melted completely away, she managed to stoke up the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE and give THE CONE 4 briquets

CollarUp! Sue also demonstrated the "Collar Up!" in reference to a phone question. This simple, elastic device goes around the male's waist, and the rings slip over the condom and down to the base of the penis. It is designed to hold a condom in place during intercourse. If you have this problem, "Collar Up!" is available online at www.collarup.net.
Hot Stuff Extra!

Sex Deck “The Sex Deck” by Dr. Dawn Harper is an excellent collection of sexual positions, each illustrated with a tasteful graphic, plus text explaining its merits and disadvantages. At one position per week, this will keep you busy for a whole year!

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Sue's Mini Review

Most people are unaware of recent changes in laws designed to inhibit personal, private sexual practices and to deny students essential sex education. Dr. Marty Klein has written a great insightful book, AMERICA'S WAR ON SEX, THE ATTACK ON LAW, LUST AND LIBERTY, something we should all be aware of, discuss and become vocal about. As the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau famously said, “The government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation”, and Dr. Klein would heartily agree. And so do I.

Sunday Night Poll Results

Did your parents ever catch you having sex?

YES - 17%

NO - 55%

ALMOST - 28%

(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)