Episode #128 - December 10, 2006

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Natural Contours Ideal A generation ago, vibrators were always referred to as “personal massagers”, recommended for stiffness, aches and pains. Well, the new NATURAL CONTOURS IDEAL would be great for all of the above, plus our tester found it pleasurable for clitoral stimulation. although be warned - the vibrations may be too strong to suit some women. And we all know that the clitoris is where the action is.

O.K. so it looks big and bulky and it is not silent, but the unique design allows you to reach all over your body – or your partner's, if you want to have some erotic fun. This massager oscillates, it does not vibrate, so it provides a different sensation. As I said, it is very powerful - good for a woman in a hurry, so to speak.

No batteries, no cords - you simply plug it in to charge it up, just like your cell phone, no problem. There are 2 speeds, easy to clean, this is the real dream machine. I'd give it 5 briquets but the upper limit is 4, so that is what this Natural Contours Ideal Massager gets. Sorry crew – I'm keeping this one.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Make Out Take Out It's more of a gimmick than a sex toy, but the MAKE OUT TAKE OUT kit is a cute, non-intimidating gift. It comes with a vibrating bullet – including batteries – erotic dice, body dust with feather tickler, massage oil, lube, and fruity nibble nibblers that our tester said were tasty. One question - what are you supposed to do with the chopsticks?

Sue's Mini Review

Well, I was not very impressed with Em & Lo's book REC SEX, which I reviewed a few weeks ago - but this book by the same authors is informative, cute, and helpful, especially if you don't have time to browse sex stores. Personally, I am fascinated by sex stores, but, hey – that's my job. The book is called SEX TOY and it is a comprehensive guide to what's out there. Read it and never again will you have to ask “What the hell do you do with this thing?”

Sunday Night Poll Results

Do you like to have sex with the lights on or off?

ON - 49%

OFF - 51%

(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)