Episode #130 - January 7, 2007

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Endless Love Vibe I must have been a good girl because the sex fairy has replenished the HOT STUFF BAG over the holidays.

This is called the GRRL TOYZ ENDLESS LOVE RECHARGEABLE VIBE. It is pink and pretty, and your kids will think it is a curling iron - but turn it on and it will curl your hair alright, but not on your head.

You recharge it just like your electric toothbrush by plugging it into the base. A soft jel-lee exterior covers the waterproof metal vibrator. And it has the usual assortment of different speeds and pulsations.

So, o.k. all in the name of research you understand, I charged it up – It did not take long, but imagine my shock when I turned it on and Whoa… red and blue flashing lights, better than a Christmas tree. I have yet to figure out why they insist on making vibrators that light up. Does your vagina look any better flashing red and blue? This is asinine.

They should have spent their R. & D. money on the materials because the biggest problem with this toy is that most of the vibration happens at the base and just about nothing happens at the tip. Your hand's gonna get numb long before your genitals feel anything.

So, the ENDLESS LOVE RECHARGEABLE VIBE is a good idea gone bad. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, I'm giving it 2 briquets, and that's mostly for decorative value.

Crew Review

Erotic Sex Positions DVD Patsy and Germain tackled the educational DVD, EROTIC SEX POSITIONS, and - surprisingly - both of them liked it!

Initially, Germain was disappointed because he was hoping for something raunchier, but when he watched it with his girlfriend, the couple found it an inspiration for some real-life fun. Patsy was impressed by the DVD options - you can watch it with voice-over for instructional information, or with music only. She felt that, in this mode, the program could be an erotic accompaniment to the real thing. Both reviewers were fascinated by the different positions demonstrated - although "The Reverse Frog" position scared Patsy away - but, ultimately, both agreed that it was a good, non-threatening, informative DVD that couples could watch together.

Sue's Mini Review

As you know, once in awhile, two of our brave crewmembers review a porn DVD, and very seldom do they both like the same video - in fact, generally they find the story line incredibly weak, the stars all surgically enhanced to ridiculous dimensions, and in a word..awful. So I'll give them my copy of THE SMART GIRL'S GUIDE TO PORN by Violet Blue. But you don't have to wait for us. You can read the book yourself to eliminate a lot of crappy porn in your life.

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