Episode #131 - January 14, 2007

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Emotional Bliss Jasmine We have a winner in the HOT STUFF BAG tonight.

It is one of those low-key, understated sex toys that is pure joy. Made in England, we have the EMOTIONAL BLISS JASMINE, a well-made, quiet, appealing hand-held vibrator.

Like all the toys from this line, it is rechargeable, and made from superior materials with a digital motor. The ergonomics are brilliant, and it features 9 vibe functions with 5 different speed levels. That should keep you busy. The JASMINE is designed for external use only because that is where the action is.

A little expensive, but class will out - and this is a class act. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, the EMOTIONAL BLISS JASMINE rates 4 briquets in everybody's book.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Clone a Willy Candle Kit We've shown the Clone-a-Willy Kit before, but the creators are offering a fun, new version – a Willy Candle Kit. Yes, you use a mould of your penis to cast your own, very personal candle. Just be careful where you dip your wick!

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Sue's Mini Review

Once in a very long while I find a book that is a “must have and don't loan it out” book. Ian Kerner wrote “She Comes First” and it was wonderful, and I was not the only one who thought so. Well, now he has another winner, HE COMES NEXT – THE THINKING WOMAN'S GUIDE TO PLEASURING A MAN. It has everything you need to know about turning on the man in your life and keeping him turned on. Whether you are straight or gay, this is an essential book that I cannot recommend highly enough.

Sunday Night Poll Results

Would you get a tattoo on a “private part”?

YES - 11%

NO - 77%

MAYBE - 12%

(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)