Episode #138 - March 4, 2007

Sex/The New Rules

In this special episode, Sue was joined by two guests: Dan Savage, nationally syndicated columnist of "Savage Love" and author of "Skipping to Gomorrah" and "The Commitment"; and sex-tech expert and author of "The Sexual Revolution 2.0", Regina Lynn.

Joining them was moderator Richard Cazeau from Much More Music.
(Pictured right: Regina Lynn, Dan Savage, Sue Johanson, Richard Cazeau)

The panel addressed viewer phone-calls and comments about sexual technology, and the way it is changing people's sex lives. Much of the discussion centered on the following survey:

Episode guests

Online Survey Feb. 4 - Mar. 4, 2007
13,500 Respondents

(Final tallies include West Coast)

Do you keep track of your partner by cellphone because you are concerned about him/her straying? Women Men
Yes 11% 8%
No 67% 77%
Sometimes 22% 15%
Has Internet porn affected your relationship?    
Yes - for the better 12% 16%
Yes - for the worse 9% 9%
Had no effect 79% 75%
Do you feel more comfortable posting your feelings in a blog rather than talking to your partner about them?    
Yes 10% 9%
No 70% 78%
Sometimes 20% 13%
Have you ever dated someone you met online?    
Yes 31% 28%
No 69% 72%
How do you feel about webcam sex?    
No way would I do that 62% 41%
Never done it, but I would 26% 44%
Been there, done that! 12% 15%
Do you think provocative flirting in a chatroom is cheating?    
Yes 42% 32%
No 29% 42%
Maybe 29% 26%
Do you ever worry that your partner might prefer playing with a sex toy rather than you?    
Yes 6% 12%
No 86% 73%
Sometimes 8% 15%
Have you ever had an orgasm while online?    
Yes 26% 49%
No 74% 51%
Would you say sexual technology has hurt or helped your relationship?    
Hurt it 7% 7%
Helped it 31% 36%
Had no effect 62% 57%

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