Episode #140 - March 18, 2007

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Tonight we have one of those sex toys that scare the hell outa me.

Scorpio This is from the so-called COUPLES COLLECTION, a marketing ploy to sell two unrelated products in the same package. It is called SCORPIO.

This is “the man's” toy – a jellee cock ring with a big, fat vibrating bullet and a scorpion-shaped clitoral stimulator. How romantic is that? A scorpion on your genitals. It gets worse.

As if that isn't creepy enough, here is “the female” toy – a super-size jellee SCORPION for solo female stimulation. The straps go around her thighs, the body rests up against her vulva, and the head and claws vibrate against her clitoris. Of course, she may not notice since she will be busy dialing an exterminator..

Okay, here is the kicker - the stinger tail is supposed to provide anal stimulation. I don't know where the designer thinks the anus is located, but normally it is not on the inner aspect of your thigh. The tail does rotate a bit, but it is still at a weird angle that could be uncomfortable. And - if you care - it has a variable speed remote control.

According to our sex toy researcher, some women like this product. These same women probably also like poison-ivy massage oil and barracuda-shaped dildos. Sorry, this is not my fave. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, we are giving the COUPLES COLLECTION SCORPIO one pestilent briquet.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Sensual Surrender If you're interested in some playful bondage without rope-burns, here's a handy little kit.

SENSUAL SURRENDER includes a pair of satin ties, a satin eye-mask, mint body balm, and tealights. Just remember to light the candles before you get tied up.

Sue's Mini Review cover

Your skin may be the largest erogenous zone on your body, but your brain is the most powerful factor in concluding whether you want to be in love, have a relationship, and be sexual. For all those folks experiencing low sex drive, SEX ON THE BRAIN by Dr. Daniel G. Amen suggests that you forget body augmentation, pills, and diets, and instead focus on your attitudes and expectations. Then go for it. I strongly recommend this book for everybody who is feeling hot, hot, hot and for those who are no longer hot to trot.

Sunday Night Poll Results

Do you like to have music playing while you have sex?

YES - 58%

NO - 17%

MAYBE - 25%

(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)