Episode #142 - April 1, 2007

Spring Break Regrets

Dr. Drew

April Fool's Day seemed like the perfect occasion for this topic - Spring Break Regrets!

Every spring, thousands of college students head for warmer climes to blow off those pent-up, winter frustrations. It's cabin-fever gone wild!

The ensuing revelry usually includes lots of heavy drinking and very bad behaviour - public nudity, indiscriminate sex - and ultimately, regrets.

This one-hour special focused on making the Break safer, and addressed concerns that callers had about past experiences.

Sue was joined by two fabulous experts in this one-hour special - Dr. Drew Pinsky (pictured right), best known for his radio and television show, "Loveline" - Dr. Drew is also the author of "Cracked: Putting Broken Lives Together Again"; and Dr. Robin Milhausen (below right - Photo courtesy Alliance-Atlantis), host of the program "Sex, Toys & Chocolate" and Associate Professor of Sexuality at Guelph University. Robin has studied the phenomenon of youth and harmful behaviour, in particular the dangerous elements that surround Mardi Gras. Dr. Robin Milhausen

What experiences have you had on Spring Breaks? Have you behaved like a fool in public, been video-taped nude, had sex with virtual strangers, had your heart broken by some sweet-talking hunk? Those were the stories we wanted to hear, and our online survey - answered by more than 9,000 viewers - gave us an indication of what goes on.

Our survey revealed that - not surprisingly - alcohol is the main contributor to dangerous behaviour. The data that caught us off-guard were the number of people involved in group sex and sex in public. The full survey results are posted below.