Episode #143 - April 15, 2007

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Fleshlight Tonight, the HOT STUFF BAG contains one of the biggest selling male sex toys of all time. That does not mean it's the best, as you shall see.

The FLESHLIGHT is a male masturbatory toy that is lined with a stretchy, soft material that feels very life-like. This sleeve can be removed and heated in warm water, then pop it back in for a very realistic, fleshy feel. After you are done, you remove the sleeve again for cleaning. So far, so good. This is where we do some comparison shopping – the FLESHLIGHT versus the HEAD HONCHO. In fairness, I have to say that the Head Honcho is in our toy line, but our testers did not know that.

Our testers tried out both of these toys, and they found the FLESHLIGHT too large and clumsy and a pain to deal with. So, they tried just the sleeve without the rigid, plastic exterior, and it felt great – but it sure doesn't look very sexy. They liked the transparent material of the HEAD HONCHO far better. Guys like to see their penis in action. It's a “guy thing.” And the HEAD HONCHO costs less than half the price. According to one tester, the HONCHO felt “as good as a blow-job”, and I will have to take his word for it.

So, the FLESHLIGHT is a venerable, durable, well-made masturbator that is defeated by its own clunkiness. We are giving it 2 briquets, and we will go for cheap and easy any day.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Mini Mini Rabbit Who says you have to be big to be good? The MINI MINI RABBIT is tiny – less that 2" long – but it's an incredibly strong vibrator. If you like intense clitoral stimulation, this bunny will get you hippity hoppin' around the bed.

cover Sue's Mini Review

Sexual activity changes as we age, but that does signal the death of pleasure. BETTER THAN I EVER EXPECTED by Joan Price is a fabulous book about sex after 60 that is aimed primarily at females. If you have been brain-washed into thinking sex is only for the young, this is the book for you. Get a copy for yourself or for your parents. They will thank you.

Sunday Night Poll Results

If you are having sex regularly, how often should you wash the bedding?

Twice a week - 16%

Weekly - 37%

Bi-weekly - 13%

Less - 34%

(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)