Episode #144 - April 22, 2007

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Cyberskin Creamsicle If you looked up the word “crap” in the sex toy dictionary, you would probably find a picture of tonight's toy.

This is the CYBERSKIN CREAMSICLE. It is a hard plastic vibrator with a removable cyberskin sleeve disguising how cheap it is. There are ridges and a pointless, twitching tip that is useless when you know the top two-thirds of the vagina has no nerve endings. Really dumb.

The toy is not waterproof and the sleeve is difficult to remove for cleaning when it is lubricated. In fact, the one good thing a plastic vibrator can do is vibrate like crazy, but the cyberskin sleeve absorbs most of the vibrations on this piece of junk, rendering it useless.

As you can tell, we were not impressed with the CYBERSKIN CREAMSICLE. It is a shameless waste of natural resources with no redeeming features. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, it rates one grudging briquet, and that's only because we reserve zero briquets for toys that explode. So far, it has NOT done that.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Sounds Romantic If watching an erotic story doesn't get you in the mood, how about listening to one? The SOUNDS ROMANTIC series of CD audio books features short and steamy tales that will get you and your partner ready for prime time. Turn up the volume…

cover Sue's Mini Review

We get so many calls about low sexual arousal and desire in a long term relationship. I glommed onto this book, SEX LIVES OF WIVES, REIGNITING THE PASSION by Holly Hollenbeck. I was hoping for some concrete suggestions, and here is one from the book - Think how you shower love and affection on a pet. Well, she suggests you treat his penis like you would a pet, stroke it, talk to it, hug it. Well, I have a cat who is attached to my hip, but I would not want a penis latched there, too. Not going to happen. And why is it always up to the female to initiate? Whoa, guys just lie there? Too simplistic for a complex interpersonal sexual relationship. A better book, 1991 vintage, is GOING THE DISTANCE by Dr. Lonnie Barbach. Look for that in a yard sale.

Sunday Night Poll Results

Do you always use a condom with a new partner?

YES - 60%

NO - 40%

(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)