Episode #150 - October 28, 2007

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Liv The HOT STUFF bag is so full, I don't know where to start, just like a kid at Christmas, but here is a really good toy to kick off the season with.

This is a class act - beautiful design, lovely balance and prize packaging. Called LIV by Lelo, made in Sweden, with instructions in 5 languages, you charge it ahead for 2 hours and it will vibrate for about 90 minutes. There are 5 modes to suit your moods, and the silicone shaft is good for external stimulation or even G-spot pleasure. Maybe I am biased, but I don't think the Swedes have ever made a second-rate product, and the LIV is no exception. This is top of the line. It is a thing of beauty and a joy forever, although some may find the shaft too narrow. Not our tester, though – she loved it, and the LIV rates 4 well-deserved briquets on the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE.

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Hot Stuff Extra!

Pink Bound Leather Kit You can't beat kink with style!

The PINK BOUND LEATHER KIT from Kinklab features a pair of pink leather and nylon restraints, a leather blindfold, and a heart-shaped leather paddle, all of it top quality. Perfect for those who prefer haute couture with their hot cross buns!

Sue's Mini Review

DOING IT RIGHT by Bronwen Pardes is a brand new book for teens, both males and females, and their parents. She writes about all the controversial issues that most sex ed. programs avoid, such as homosexuality, masturbation, abortion, oral and anal sex. Most parents run scared from these topics, too, so – Mom and Dad - get the book, read it then leave it out for your kids to find.

Sunday Night Poll Results

Are you too self-conscious to try different sexual positions?

YES - 12%

NO - 75%

MAYBE - 13%

(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)