Episode # 152 - October 28, 2007

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Nexus Vibro This week's toy is called THE NEXUS VIBRO MALE G SPOT MASSAGER. That just about says it all doesn't it? Well not quite.

It is a hard, ribbed butt plug but not large enough to cause damage. Inside this little bullet is a 6 volt battery which powers a strong motor to produce intense vibrations. Three settings are designed to stimulate the prostate which they claim produces mind-blowing male orgasms.

An interesting feature of this product is the little appendage with a roller roll on it. This is designed to rub up against the perineum behind the testicles when the vibrator is inserted into the rectum. The perineum is a very sensitive area, so this would give you additional sensations.

The hard plastic body and the removable motor make clean-up easy, but putting a condom on the shaft would make it even easier. I have a couple of beefs – the roller ball is a pain to clean, but they include a special tool to remove it for cleaning. I can just see you trying to fish that metal ball out of the drain, which is where it will likely end up. Secondly, the price – around $170. Considering what this thing costs, you had better get more bang for your buck.

So, the NEXUS VIBRO is a well-designed, top quality toy for men who can afford it. We would have given it 4 briquets, but for what it costs, it should also take your garbage out for you, which it doesn't do. It gets 3 briquets.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Wild Instincts The WILD INSTINCTS PADDED SLING is far better quality than most restraint kits we've seen, with padded, faux-fur cuffs and quick-release Velcro fasteners. The adjustable straps and padded neck support give you plenty of options for daring positions, and it even comes with a little guide, just in case you run out of ideas.This will keep you tied up for awhile.

Sue's Mini Review

Great title; OVER THE HILL AND BETWEEN THE SHEETS. Edited by Gail Belsky. Absolutely fantastic bedtime reading. Short collection of stories, recollections of sexual experiences, some funny, some kinda sad, they could have been written by most of us at some time in our lives. Just goes to show you, there's life in the old gals yet!

Sunday Night Poll Results

Should guys trim or shave their pubic hair?

TRIM - 58%

SHAVE - 26%


(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)