H1>Episode #154 - November 11, 2007
Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Low Rise Leather Strap-on & Woody dildo Our model is sporting the LOW RISE LEATHER STRAP-ON. This high-quality harness is substantial, with two straps running between the legs and around the bum. There are three sizes of interchangeable “O” rings for your favourite vibrator or dildo, so this baby ain't going nowhere you don't want it to go.

Because it rides low on the hips, it is anatomically impossible for a man to use this strap on, and it only fits hips 36 to 42 inches. Now, I'm not heavy, and my hips are 41 inches, so that limits who can use this device. Make sure you measure your hips before you buy it.

This dildo does not come with the harness. I borrowed it from Cory Silverberg last week for demonstration purposes only! This is a silicone dildo called WOODY, of course, and this might be a bit bigger than you would like for anal penetration. You may want to try a MINI-MOLE instead. All in all, the LOW RISE LEATHER STRAP-ON is a good, solid product – we just wish the sizing was more flexible. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, it rates 3 briquets.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Climax Bursts CLIMAX BURSTS are a collection of sparkly lubes laced with tiny, Vitamin E pellets that dissolve on contact with skin. All are water-based and glycerine-free, and there are various formulas, including heating, cooling, and anal lube. Even the pop top bottle is neat.

In this variation of the missionary position, the woman lets her legs hang over the edge of any flat surface. The man can either kneel or stand as he enters her.



Edge of Beyond



This position allows for excellent penetration and thrusting but the man should take it slowly if he's well endowed.

Sue's Mini Review

I have often referred to IS IT A CHOICE? by Eric Marcus, and I was delighted to see a new, completely revised version with whole new sections. It was a good book before, but now it is a great book for folks with questions about homosexuality. I highly recommend it.

Queer Questions

"My partner and I are into bondage and we often use a leather harness. He has genital warts. If I wear the harness after him, can I catch the virus from the leather?" - Mark

Yes, you can, especially if the change-over was minutes ago. HPV normally spreads through skin-to-skin contact, but it can live on damp surfaces for awhile - people often get warts on their feet from being at the gym, for example, because the virus survives on the floor. So, your partner should be treated for the warts. After the treatment, you may be fine but, ultimately, HPV is so epidemic that it's almost impossible to avoid altogether.
- Dr. Keith Loukes