Episode #155 - November 18, 2007

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Sinnflut Intensity We have got a class act in the HOT STUFF BAG tonight.

Fun Factory is a German company that makes some of the best toys on the planet, and the SINNFLUT INTENSITY is no exception.

It is a rechargeable vibrator with a strong, quiet motor. The shaft is made of medical-grade silicone so it is hypo-allergenic, soft and incredibly flexible. It has a bit of a curve for G-spot stimulation and the ridges around the base are designed to stimulate the lower part of the vagina where all the action is.

The best part is – it's totally waterproof. You can actually sit in the tub with this thing underwater and it will survive just fine. You may not, but it will.

Now, I'm no genius and I must admit it took me a bit of time, two broken fingernails and some very bad language to figure out the controls. I found the on/off button awkward and stiff. This they call the Joy Stick – you push it down for more intensity. It's what I call a two-hand job but they tell me it loosens up as you use the toy. Not in my lifetime.

Keep in mind that I am perceptually handicapped when it comes to technology. No one else on the crew was baffled by the controls. If fact, they thought the design was kinda sexy because the buttons look like female genitalia. That's a clever twist.

All in all, the SINNFLUT INTENSITY is a masterpiece. I will warn you, it is expensive, but you get what you pay for. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, it rates 4 sizzling briquets.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Mini Love Bullets Here's the other side of the coin in terms of cost – MINI LOVE BULLETS. These compact little vibes have a silky-smooth exterior, one-touch button control, and they pack a volatile buzz. The stimulation may be too strong for beginners, but the price - $10 - is right if you want to experiment.

By using this doggie style enhancing strap the man is able to support the woman's pelvis, giving him better access to stimulate her G spot.



Doggy Harness
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The stable balance provided by the strap gives her a comfortable ride from behind while he enjoys the power and control.

Sue's Mini Review

This looks just like a book for little kids - well, it is for big kids, men and their favorite toy, their penis. PENIS POKEY is what you would call a “no brainer book.”, not one word, go figure. Every page has an illustration with an appropriately-sized hole in it – maybe for a banana or a cigar? I am sure guys will figure it out. I guess you could give this book at a Stag party or to some stud you are breaking up with. Perfect for exhibitionists or guys with the IQ of a toad-stool. And that's being kind.

Sunday Night Poll Results

Does exercise make you horny?

YES - 28%

NO - 44%


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