Episode #157 - December 9, 2007

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Intimate Rider and accessory bench We often talk about different sexual positions, but we seldom focus on the options for people with disabilities. Tonight's HOT STUFF product offers some intriguing possibilities.

THE INTIMATE RIDER was designed by a gentleman with a spinal cord injury and is manufactured by a company that specializes in ergonomic office furniture. Not exactly sexy, I know, but this product is very durable and built to last.

It features a low-slung chair on a gliding mechanism that moves back and forth with minimal upper-body effort. The seat is very shallow, so the genitals of the seated partner are well-exposed. It makes it easier for the person with a disability to penetrate a partner, either sitting up or lying down on the matching cot that is available as an accessory. The height is adjustable to suit individual build.

Both items have solid, non-skid bases, and can be easily folded for storage. The seats are made of washable fabric and various removable covers are available. You can even get optional stabilizing legs for the glider if you are transferring yourself from a wheelchair.

Whether you have a disability or not, THE INTIMATE RIDER offers all sorts of possibilities for sexual positions. It IS expensive, but it is a magnificent product for a market that is too-often ignored. On the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE, the INTIMATE RIDER rates 4 rockin' briquets, and our kudos for accessible design.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Vibromasseur products We thought these VIBROMASSEUR designs were elegant and beautiful. These variable speed vibes have gentle curves that fit the body perfectly, and the softly textured grip lets you focus the sensations where you want them.

Very sci-fi looking. If the Cylons had sex toys, this would be them! - "By your command"

In this unusual position the man lifts her legs, using them like handles of a wheel barrow as he pushes his way



Bed Wheelbarrow



in to the garden of Eden. It's an adventurous way to go but variety is the spice of a good sex life.

Sue's Mini Review

We all have our favourite “tried and true” fantasies, but at times, they become a bit stale. This will perk you up. NAUGHTY OR NICE, edited by Alison Tyler, is a collection of 20 funny, exciting and stimulating Christmas erotic stories. Must confess – it took me 21 days to read all 20 stories, if you know what I mean. Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy. It is a super book.

Queer Questions

"I like to use a vacuum pump and make my penis swell up as big as possible. Can I do any damage from this?
- Leroy

A vacuum pump can cause temporary enlargement of the penis and some guys report that it increases sensation. However, the penis is only designed to hold so much blood, and forcing it to swell with more because of the vacuum can cause rupturing and serious damage. If there is any pain, stop, and if you think something is wrong, see your doctor right away.
- Dr. Keith Loukes