Episode #161 - January 27, 2008

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Flex a Pleasure The FLEX-A-PLEASURE is a really nice sex toy. It is simply a larger-than-average bullet, but has an 8-inch long, flexible connection to the battery operated, waterproof, variable speed control base.

This quiet vibrator would be great for everybody, especially somebody with a physical disability. It can be used for clitoral, vaginal and anal stimulation. The controller is large and has a soft-touch finish so it's easy to hang on to, even with lube on your hands. My initial complaint was that the control-knob was stiff, but as I played with it, it loosened up nicely.

The FLEX-A-PLEASURE is simple idea done well and even comes with its own batteries. We really liked this toy for its versatility, and it gets 3 briquets on the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Gun Oil Lube Here's something for the NRA crowd – a new lube called GUN OIL. Developed by an ex-Marine, it's available in water-based or silicone formulas, and comes in a very manly bottle. As they state, it “keeps a man's most important weapon well oiled”. Buddy - if you think your penis is a 'weapon', then you got bigger problems than lubrication....

Seated sex is a masculine favourite because of the ease with which a woman can straddle him, and the deepness of his penetration. She can also use her legs and thighs



His Armchair



to control the ride more easily than other woman- on- top positions. It's the ultimate lap dance with plenty of opportunity for kissing and cuddling.

Sue's Mini Review

The RELATIONSHIP RESCUE by Dr. Phil McGraw is the best book for couples who both want to improve their partnership. This is an action-oriented work-book with questionnaires designed to define expectations and needs. You have to be dedicated to identify what you do to scupper the relationship, then practice a more effective way of problem solving. You may not love Dr. Phil but this is a good book.

Sunday Night Poll Results

Do you have more sex in the winter than in the summer?

YES - 26%

NO - 48%


(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)