Episode #162 - February 3, 2008

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Clone a Willy Kits We featured the first CLONE-A-WILLY a couple of years ago and one of my crew did it in his kitchen. We all laughed at his pathetic model penis, but that didn't stop him, as you shall see. The interesting thing is that this product is incredibly successful and has turned into a real franchise.

There are three more variations on the original – there is a candle-making kit, a chocolate penis version, and a rubber model with a vibrator in the middle.

Home-grown candle These kits come with everything you need for mold-making. Here are some photos of our fearless crew member's attempt to make a candle. You mix up the molding powder, stick your penis in the tube, and voila – a cast of your precious member. Then he had to melt the wax, get his wick wet – in more ways than one – pour in the wax, let it cool, and open the mold to reveal a smaller version of his penis.(picture left) That's what he claimed last time, too.

Sounds simple, not – hell, just keeping the erection is tricky. We would recommend you do the dirty with your sex partner to keep it up. As our guinea pig discovered, this is definitely a two-person job.

Really, the CLONE-A-WILLY is just a fun, goofy product. You won't end up with a work of art, but you will have a few giggles along the way. Lotsa luck and laughs gets 2 briquets.

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Hot Stuff Extra!

Glass Ben Wa Balls We thought these were an elegant twist on a perennial favourite – GLASS BEN WA BALLS. Each is inlaid with a delicate flower and the pair come in a velvet-lined display box.

Needless to say, if a glass ball gets chipped, do not use it.

And, if you get bored with sexual stimulation, you can always play marbles. Maybe not.

This is an easy, cuddly position that requires minimal effort and is good for pregnant women. It's also good for couples wanting to experiment with anal sex. Simply fold together like two spoons in a drawer.






The man enters from behind. The woman's delights are within easy reach. When play time's over, simply curl up and sleep…or not.

Sue's Mini Review

WOMEN'S SEXUAL PASSAGES by Elizabeth Davis and Germaine Greer is a classic book although there are some areas I question. For example, this comment about hysterectomy…”the physical and emotional trauma women typically experience, the loss of her reproductive organs can cause a woman to sink into depression and a classic grieving process.” I checked with many women, myself included, who celebrated their hysterectomy, who simply regarded it as a blessing. I resent the implication that all women suffer post-operatively. They also panned the pill but offered no reliable acceptable method. The book has many good points, but it is not gospel.

Sunday Night Poll Results

Should masturbation techniques be included in sex ed?

YES - 49%

NO - 37%

MAYBE - 14%

(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)