Episode #163 - February 10, 2008

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

OhMiBod Products You would think we would eventually run out of toys, but not so…here are two new toys for those of you who are into IPOD or cell phone culture.

The BODITALK ESCORT is a small, vibrating bullet that -as they say -”fits discretely into all the right places.” Read crotch of your panties or shorts or vagina. It is activated when you use your cell phone. Turn it on and whenever your cell phone rings, you are buzzing for the length of the call. What if it's your mother???…

Then we have the OHMIBOD G SPOT which vibrates to the music of your IPOD or MP3 player. The vibrator goes…you know where. The volume wheel controls the intensity of the vibrations. This is a slightly better idea than the ESCORT.

Why do I think they are both kinda unnecessary accessories, like, really, where would you use them? At the office, driving your car, at the kid's hockey game? My testers agreed, but you decide if you can't live without them. It's not that they are bad products – they're just stupid. We gave them both one pointless briquet.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Fur Paddle If you're looking for some slap with a bit of tickle, the PURPLE FUR PADDLE is just the ticket. Made of solid leather with a soft, faux fur side, this toy offers a gentle introduction for novice spankers and spankees.

...Hey, wasn't he in the Little Rascals?

No one needs to know that the snappy new addition to the front room is in fact a piece of ergonomically designed sex furniture. Here, the woman



Liberator Couch



is able to lean back and get a rush of blood to the head. This position is not for everyone and should be stopped if she feels faint.

Sue's Mini Review

It's been a while since we had a book on Tantric Sex, and this is a great one. 28 DAYS TO ECSTASY FOR COUPLES by Copeland and Link is a fantastic 28-day program for those who want to learn. Tantric sex is spiritual as well as physical and you can't expect to do it right the day after tomorrow. Recommended reading even if you have no intention of practicing tantric sex. No more “slam bam thank you ma'am.”

Sunday Night Poll Results

Do you secretly want to sleep with a friend's partner?

YES - 22%

NO - 76%

MAYBE - 2%

(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)