Episode #164 - February 17, 2008

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Gigi The LELO GIGI is one gorgeous silicone vibrator, made in Sweden so we know it is well made and it is a class act. Even the packaging is classy - Not one leggy blonde with big boobs and that pouty look in sight.

The shaft is firm with a soft, velvety finish, and it is perfect for external or G-spot stimulation. There are 5 different modes and several levels of power for each mode. The controller takes a bit of getting used to - and you'll be glad it comes with instructions - but after you do, you'll have one contented grin on your face and one satisfied sexual bod.

And no batteries - the LELO GIGI is rechargeable. Best of all, it comes with a one year warranty, something unheard of in the world of poorly-made sex toys This company stands by the quality of its products. Yes, it is expensive, but if you are going to INVEST in a sex toy rather than looking for a cheap thrill that will break in 3 days, it is well worth it.

My crew fought to test this great toy and they gave it 4 briquets on the HOT STUFF HIBACHI OF LOVE.

Available for purchase online

Hot Stuff Extra!

Blue Cock Ring Something for the guys tonight – a beginner's cock ring. The BLUE ELASTOMER COCK RING is large and easy to handle, non-allergenic, and not too constricting.

It's also handy to use on a well-endowed male as a 'marker' to stop deep penetration.

Ring toss, anyone?


Most men occasionally enjoy being 'taken' by their partner. In this position she takes control and climbs on board. He then sits up






for maximum closeness and intimacy. Her movement doesn't have to be up and down…a circular motion can be very sexy.

Sue's Mini Review

THE BEST SEX POSITIONS EVER! is one of the few good books on positions and how to spice it up. I was impressed till I realized that every model had a gorgeous body, not an ounce of flab, not a wrinkle, no stretch marks and no grey hair. Seems like only the young and the beautiful are entitled to be innovative in bed - the rest of us are condemned to vanilla boredom. Of course, I made the same complaint about our own Position of the Week, but they weren't keen on letting me model. Pity.

And the book makes NO mention of Safer Sex, bad oversight in an otherwise good collection. A raspberry to the author Alex Williams.

Queer Questions

Dr. Keith answers a question about lesbians and STD's.