Episode #165 - March 2, 2008

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Fristic We have had a lot of high-tech toys in the HOT STUFF BAG – things like vibrators that talk to you and self-inflating butt plugs – but tonight's gem is the epitome of low-tech.

It is called the FRISTIC, and our researcher found this completely unique toy online. He thinks it comes from Russia, but he's not sure about that.

You lubricate the dildo and the attached strap. The dildo goes in the vagina, the strap, which has bumps on it, comes up over the female genitals to provide clitoral stimulation. Then, you just rub away to your heart's content.

Brilliant… No batteries, no noise, condom friendly, the ultimate KISS - Who'da thunk it? The incredibly simple FRISTIC rates 3 briquets.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Scented Dental Dams This is a great idea for those who want safe oral sex – Scented Latex Dental Dams.

Thinner than the medical version , these provide for better stimulation, and there are 5 fruity flavours to choose from, including banana, grape, vanilla, mint, and strawberry. Perfect for safer oral-genital and oral-anal sex.

In this position, using a firm but comfy chair as a sex aide, the woman sits with her legs apart. If the height difference between the couple is not too extreme the man can slide right in.



Her Armchair



For ample figured couples, the woman can hang her legs open on either side of the chair and the man can rest his tummy on hers. Careful of rug burns on the knees

Sue's Mini Review

TEACHING CHILDREN WITH DOWN SYNDROME ABOUT THEIR BODIES, BOUNDARIES AND SEXUALITY by Terri Couwenhoven is a very special book for our very special children. I loved it, but I wondered why it was for Downs kids only? What about other kids who are mentally challenged, slow learners or brain damaged? This book would be suitable for most young children and I highly recommend it.

Sunday Night Poll Results

Does a politician's private sex life affect the way you vote?

YES - 26%

NO - 40%

MAYBE - 14%

(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)