Episode # 172 -April 27, 2008

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Her Perfect Fit We have seen some beautifully sleek toys tumble out of the HOT STUFF BAG this season. This ain't one of them. In fact, I would say it's downright clunky.

HER PERFECT FIT does not exactly live up to its name. OUCH, that hurts. Here we have a sex toy that is promoted as ergonomically designed and it may be for some females, but I don't think it works for most of us. It is rigid, like hard as a rock, with a spring-loaded hinge on the clitoral stimulator for a little wiggle, but I would say the operative words here are “Gently Bentley.”

It does have 5 speeds but very little difference between slow and fast. Although it is waterproof and bathtub friendly, our tester felt that it was not necessarily body friendly. We gave HER PERFECT FIT 1 briquet out of a possible 4.

By the way, the first one of these we tried had a bad motor and did not work at all. That is why it is important to activate toys in the store before you buy, and good stores will always do that for you.

Hot Stuff Extra!

Double-Strand Beaded Clamps Here's a sexy adornment – DOUBLE-STRAND BEADED NIPPLE CLAMPS. The tweezer-style clamps have soft rubber tips with adjustable pressure, and the elegant beaded strands come in 4 different colours. Finally, some jewellery he won't complain about buying.

What man isn't going to be turned on when she puts on the cuffs of the G-spot stimulator. Clipped together in the middle,






the cuffs allow her to comfortably pull her legs all the way back so he can get all the way in. (Cuffs from SportSheets)

Sue's Mini Review

I love it. Dr. Pepper Schwartz has written a new book, “PRIME; Adventures and Advice on SEX, Love and the Sensual Years.” Although it is written for mature women, I want everybody to read it for two reasons – one, to accept the fact that they will be sexual till they are senile and beyond, and secondly, to help them become more comfortable with their aging parents who are still sexual human beings. I relished this book.

Sunday Night Poll Results

Would you give a friend a sex toy as a gift?

YES - 65%

NO - 14%

MAYBE - 21%

(Final tallies include West Coast votes.)