Episode #173 - May 4, 2008

Hot Stuff Sex Toy

Great Sex DVD We don't have a toy in the HOT STUFF BAG tonight – we have something far more useful.

The Sinclair Institute is world famous for its beautiful and informative videos, and this new double-set of DVD's is absolutely brilliant. GREAT SEX FOR A LIFETIME is aimed at Boomers or anyone who thinks sex stops at age 30. It does not and these DVD's prove the point.

There are interviews with real couples of all ages, and plenty of explicit examples of sexual techniques – foreplay, oral, and intercourse. The models look like real people, which is a refreshing change, and all of the sex is beautifully shot and extremely informative. Whether you are male or female, this set can help you be a better lover.

OK, I know there is a plethora of pseudo educational films out there, and most of them are trash. Sinclair Institute videos are classy, and loaded with tips and ideas, and the discussions in the program will inspire discussions with your own partner. So forget the porn. GREAT SEX FOR A LIFETIME is a much better investment in your sexual future. A 4 briquet winner.

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Hot Stuff Extra!

The Lick You can give yourself a real tongue-lashing with THE LICK. This powerful, little vibrator is made of medical-grade silicone and is totally waterproof. The rounded tip packs a real wallop, so if you like intense clitoral stimulation, this toy's for you. Just say, “Ahhhh.”

To experience maximum penetration, the man helps the woman by lifting her buttocks while her legs are positioned securely



Legs Over Easy



on his shoulders. It's the good old missionary position but with a 'sexciting' new twist.

Sue's Mini Review

You know I usually recommend books that have some value - Well, here is a great one. THE 10 CONVERSATIONS YOU MUST HAVE BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED AND HOW TO HAVE THEM by Dr. Guy Grenier. O.K. I think you should read this book cover to cover even if you have been married for 10 years. The chapters on communications, problem solving, how to argue constructively, are skills you will need in any marriage. I ate it up, it was that good.