Position of the Week - Anal

These are the clips you did NOT see on air! The broadcaster was too antsy to let us run them.

Once again, professional models demonstrate sexual positions, this time for anal sex. We chose male models because this segment was geared toward gay viewers, but anal positions apply to anyone with the appropriate body parts. Dr. Keith kindly provided the voice-overs.

A NOTE OF CAUTION - Read Sue's article on Anal Sex in the Sexual Information section BEFORE getting involved in it.

It is not for everyone. It can be extremely painful and can lead to serious health risks unless performed correctly. ALWAYS use condoms, plenty of lubrication, and go slowly and gently. And this is a case where "No" really means "No". If there is any pain, STOP IMMEDIATELY.

Now, go read Sue's article on possible health consequences of anal sex.

Hanging Basket
Can Opener
Counting Toes
Feet First
Flying Buttress
Moon Spoon
Sleazy Chair
The Stethoscope