Did you know that most people, male and female, have some homosexual (same sex) fantasies?

This is common and does not indicate you are homosexual. It is a fantasy, safe and harmless. Most females simply accept their fantasies, but males, who may be homophobic, react with fear or get into "gay bashing" to prove they are "hetero". Females are generally more comfortable with homosexuality.

Homosexuality just "is". Being homosexual is NOT a choice. Guys, think back - at what stage of your life did you consciously decide, "Well I think I will like girls?" You didn't, you just knew, you got horny just thinking about the opposite sex - it was not a choice, you just knew. There is NO cure for homosexuality because it is not a disease and most homosexuals do not want to be "cured". They simply want what everybody else wants, the THREE BIG "A's" - Acceptance, Approval and Appreciation.

Current research indicates that people are born homosexual. Parents may deny it, try to control kids behavior, their choice of toys or friends. Kids at about age 7 know they are different; by age 10, they are aware that they fantasize about people of the same sex; by age 14, although most are not ready to "come out of the closet", they are aware that they are homosexual. Gay males like females as "best friends" and straight females really enjoy socializing with gay males. This does not go over well with straight Macho males.

Lesbians may identify as homosexual at a young age, but many, many more get into heterosexual relationships, maybe have kids, and then accept that they are lesbian at a later age.


  • Gay males are promiscuous.
  • Gay males have a higher than normal sex drive.
  • HIV/AIDS is a Gay disease.
  • Gay males assault little boys.
  • If a male has a same sex experience, he must be Gay.
  • Lesbians just have not found the right man.
  • Lesbians are "butch". No, some are very feminine and call themselves "lipstick dykes".
  • Females who socialize with Gay males are "Fag Hags".
  • Most religions regard homosexuality as a sin.

Here's a great book I recommend for anyone having trouble dealing with homosexuality - "IS IT A CHOICE?" by Eric Marcus. You can check our booklist on this site for many other books dealing with the topic.