Non-stop Birth Control

Some women resent having a period every month. Even when they are on the pill and have short light periods with few cramps, these women just do not want to menstruate. Now you don't have to.

One important key here, to do this, you must be on MONOPHASIC birth control pills. These are the ones with 21 pills of the same colour in the package. Or if you have a 28 day prescription, you have 21 pills of one colour and 7 sugar pills of a different colour.

Do not try this if you are on TRIPHASIC pills, seven pills of one colour, 7 of another colour and the last 7 are another colour. If you are on 28 day pills, there would be 7 sugar pills of another colour. Go back to your doctor or Birth Control Clinic and ask for a prescription for Monophasic pills.

On Monophasic pills, you start your first pill on a Sunday, take one pill a day, every day for 21 days, but do not go off the pill, you'll menstruate. Instead, you take a fresh package of pills and start all over again. You can safely do this for three months, no period. Then after three months, they suggest you go off the pill for the prescribed 7 days, have a very light period, and then go back on the Monophasic pills for another 3 months. If you have been prescribed the 28 day Monophasic pills, throw the last seven sugar pills out.

The most common Monophasic birth control pills include: Alesse, Demulin 30, Minovral, Cyclen, Marvelon and Diane 35.

Because the Triphasic pills have three different strengths of hormones, there is a possibility you could get pregnant using the non-stop method of birth control. Triphasic brands of pills include: Tricyclen, Triphasic, Triquilar, Ortho 7.7.7. or Synphasic. If you want to go on non-stop Birth Control, you should check with your doctor or Birth Control Clinic.

In 2003, a new pill will be available in the USA. Called SEASONALE, it contains the same hormones you take daily for 12 weeks, then take the placebo (sugar ) pills for a week, have a period.

A major risk for non-stop birth control is for women who smoke. Because you would be exposed to nine extra weeks of the hormone estrogen every year and estrogen increases the risk of a blood clot causing a stroke or heart attack, do consider giving up smoking.

Talk to your doctor or Birth Control Clinic about this method.