Performing Oral Sex on a Female


The key to performing good oral sex on a female is to talk to your partner, check it out with her, what feels good, what she likes and does not enjoy, listen to her breathing patterns and body responses.

Be aware that many females really believe that their genitals are ugly, that they are dirty and that they don't smell very good. They may need reassurance that their genitals are beautiful, unique and a real turn on for you. Sex will be more pleasurable if she is relaxed.

Contrary to popular opinion, the vagina is not where the action is. Anatomically, the clitoris is analogous to a penis, but the clitoris has twice as many nerve endings as a penis.

Start slowly, "sensate focus" - hugging, kissing, stroking, petting, fondling, fingering, all great for sexual arousal. Very gently, spread the labia, touch the clitoris very gently. You can feel it become erect and lubrication will be noticeable. You can also stroke around the vaginal opening and very gently penetrate the vagina with your fingers, making sure that this is pleasurable for her.

For oral contact, licking, sucking, kissing and gently blowing on the clitoris is pleasurable. Just remember, be very gentle. Do not blow into the vagina.

At the same time you may wish to stroke around the vaginal opening, mimicking thrusting of the penis. You may wish to use a vibrator or dildo around the vagina or anal area. Talk to your partner.

Many females will reach orgasm with oral genital sexual contact. To be most effective, check with her so you know what really is pleasurable and satisfying.

SAFER ORAL SEX performed on a female will rely on a latex or polyurethane protective covering over her genitals. Sexual Health counselors may recommend a DENTAL DAM. This is a 5 inch square of thin latex used by a dentist. You can purchase them at a drug store, but most people use scissors to simply cut up the side of a latex condom, open it out, place it over her genitals to cover any areas that your mouth may come in contact with.

This is the best protection to prevent her genital herpes infecting your lips, or systemic yeast infection. At present there is some debate about genital warts developing in the digestive track. And there is always the fear of HIV/AIDS infection.

Always thinkā€¦SAFER SEX.

VENUS BUTTERFLY is a move which I first heard of in an old 1970's soap opera. It is oral sex on her clitoris, manual stimulation inside her vagina and, with the remaining hand, stimulation around her rectum, even penetrating the rectum if that is pleasurable for her. Make sure you use lubrication. This puts a whole new meaning to "getting your act together."