Performing Oral Sex on a Male


When it comes to HIV, giving a guy a blow-job was initially thought to be a safe activity. However, developing research over the years shows that it is not. It is a "medium" risk activity and the virus can enter tiny abrasions in the mouth, such as those from brushing your gums and teeth before sex. Play it safe - USE A CONDOM! That has the added benefit of not having to taste the semen.

Start out slowly, touch the penis, stroke, gently grip it in your hand, slowly moving up and down the shaft, getting faster as he becomes aroused. He may be producing lubrication (pre-cum) at this time.

Then kiss, lick and start to suck on the head of the penis. Flick your tongue on the head, then up and down the shaft of the penis. You can also kiss, lick, and suck his testicles while stroking his penis. Now, gently take the head of his penis in your mouth and allow lots of saliva to flow down the shaft of his penis for lubrication. At the same time, you stimulate the shaft with your hand. Go slowly at first, then much faster, still being very gentle because the penis is very sensitive.

We all have a gag reflex at the back of our throat, so if you take his whole penis into your mouth, you will hit your gag reflex and feel like "barfing" So, here's the secret, only take the head into your mouth, co-ordinate hand and head movement into a smooth rhythmic movement. His breathing and body will tell you when he is about to ejaculate. Ask him to indicate what pressure and speed he would like. If you don't want him to ejaculate into your mouth, he should warn you just before he comes. Ejaculate won't hurt you, but it is definitely an acquired taste and many people prefer not to have it in their mouth.

Once he has ejaculated, stop all movement. His penis is super sensitive right then, so just let it rest in peace. He will thank you