The Penis - Various Info

Most men have the firm conviction that their penis is too small. Many young boys were told that if they "played with their weinie, it would shrink". They may know better now, but the underlying conviction is still present.

Generally, men never get to see other guys with erections, other than in porno movies. Based on those over-sized bimbos, guys begin to think that they are inadequate. In fact, a recent survey in the U.S. found that men believe that the average size of an erect penis is 10 inches. Women believe it's 4 inches. That kinda tells you everything right there, doesn't it?

Anatomically, a normal penis is 3-5 inches non-erect; 5-7 inches fully erect. Generally penis size is proportionate to the rest of his body. The guy with the smallest non-erect penis will be only slightly smaller than the guy with the largest non-erect penis when they both have a full erection. The larger a penis is when it is flaccid, the less it will expand when erect. So don't be overly impressed by those whoppers in the showers.

Very occasionally, a male may be born with a congenital abnormality, micropenis, which, as an adult, may be increased by surgically inserting penile implants. This is a very rare condition whereby the erect penis is only 1 inch long.

Sex educators and therapists have difficulty convincing males that bigger is not better; what he has will work admirably when the time comes. In a heterosexual relationship, he must accept that the top 2/3 of the vagina has no nerve endings. You have to wonder why it is necessary to have a 12 inch penis when she can hardly feel it. For most women, most of the sensory pleasure is around the bottom 1/3 of the vagina, that is where the nerve endings are located. That's only the first 3 inches of the vagina, fellas, and you don't need a big, honking salami for that!

Combine that with the fact that most women reach orgasm, not by penis thrusting in the vagina but by clitoral stimulation, manual (petting) and oral genital stimulation. Don't need a penis at all to do that.

For many homosexual males, penis size is extremely important and for some, surgery is the only viable option. Luckily, Mother Nature has taken care of this as well, since studies have shown that gay men generally have larger penises than their heterosexual counterparts.

Penis Enlargement Methods (or so they say...)

No "men's" magazine would be complete without at least one advertisement for a penis pump. They maintain you will get a huge erection and with repeated use, your penis will become bigger, harder, and thicker. The advertisement says,"The penis pump allows the caverns of your penis to expand, permitting blood to fill the caverns which causes the penis to grow and become erect."

There actually is a medically sound Vacuum Suction Device available by prescription that is an accepted treatment for males who are unable to attain and maintain an erection for satisfactory sex. It is not one of the cheesy ones you see in a magazine. With the device you will get a magnificent erection and by using the cock ring, you will be able to keep that erection for about 20 minutes.

But it is anatomically impossible to grow a larger penis, short of major surgery, there is nothing you can do to make it bigger. Hey, do you think you can grow longer arms, too?

I have read articles that claim that a male can lengthen his penis by using a thimble-shaped weight taped to his penis. They increase the weight every week. This claim has never been substantiated.

Collagen is a gelatin like substance that may be injected into the penis to make it look fatter and longer. Other technicians use the patient's own body fat, suctioned out, centrifuged and injected into a male's penis. This fat or collagen may move about and make for a lumpy penis, and at best the procedure will have to be repeated every 6 months as the fat or collagen is absorbed into the body.

There is a new sex aid which is placed along side the penis, like a splint. Made of semi-rigid silicone, it is held in place by rolling a condom over it. This makes the base fatter, some women like “girth”, and it makes the penis appear longer and wider. It may also help hold up a flagging erection, but that is not its intended function. Check with a good sex store in your area for a product called "Perfect Fit" from Doc Johnson.

About 50% of the penis is inside the body, so one of the two ligaments which suspend the penis is cut. This allows the penis to descend about 1 to 1.5 inches. Sounds simple but it is considered major surgery under general anaesthetic and takes about 1 hour. In Canada, it costs about $4000.00 plus taxes. Here is a simplified description of the surgery.

A triangular flap of skin is removed from the pubic hair area. This allows access to the root of the penis which is then dissected from the pubic bone. From the inside of his groin, that buried part of the penis is pushed down and sutured in place. Then the triangular flap of skin is sutured in place to cover the extension. When healing is complete, pubic hair will grow out of this flap on the shaft of his penis.

The patient stays in hospital for one day, off work for five days and absolutely no sex for at least three weeks. He will take medication to inhibit erections.

To reduce the chance of scar tissue contracting or the penis retreating upward, a special bandage that has weights incorporated in it must wrapped around the penis two weeks post operatively. The traction was continued and increased for 4-6 months.

Complications include infection, erectile dysfunction, (impotence) or depression. Average increase in penis length was 3.5 cm. (or just over an inch).

This method is covered under its own section. There's no scientific proof that it works either.

Now that you have all this information, it is my hope that you will relax and enjoy your body, just as it is right now. Remember, this is your body and this is as good as it is gonna get, so relax and celebrate it.
- Sue