Peyronie's Disease (Bent Penis)

For a male, having a penis that has a "wow" in it like a hockey stick can be devastating. He may be reluctant to initiate sex in a new relationship fearing his partner will laugh or wonder if he has some new weird disease. For many couples, intercourse may be painful and for some it is impossible. Although this curvature could be a natural genetic trait, it could also be a condition called Peyronie's disease, after Dr. Francois de la Peyronie who first tried to treat it.

Many males believe that the bend is the result of masturbating with their right hand, so the penis bends to the right. If that was true, all he would have to do is masturbate with his left hand and it would go straight. Well, that won't work.

Bend due to scarring It was believed that the curvature was caused by an early childhood accident where a male was hit in his genitals, scar tissue formed over the years resulting in the formation of plaque which shortens that side of the penis causing it to bend to the side. It's like putting a piece of Scotch tape on the side of a balloon and blowing it up. You'll get the same sort of distortion. Some men can recall trauma or injury during intercourse, and in fact, this wear and tear on the wiener seems to account for the median age of the onslaught of Peyronie's - age 55. For some males, the Peyronie's resolves itself; in extreme cases, it progresses to calcification causing a disabling curvature that requires surgery to repair. At present, there is no reliable explanation as to the cause of this condition.

Many treatment modalities have not proven successful, cortisone injections, ultrasound, radiation, laser therapy. A recent report of success using Lithotripsy was widely publicized. This involves using the same shock waves used to break up kidney stones. It appears that Shock waves are the most successful treatment, short of surgery. Unfortunately, there are very few specialists who perform the procedure.

Many doctors will recommend 100 mgms. of Vitamin E taken three times a day, and Vitamin E cream rubbed on daily, but there are no studies to prove its effectiveness.

For severe curvature, the only treatment at present is surgery. The plaque is excised and a "patch graft" to cover the defect left by surgery. Surgeons are reluctant to perform this surgery unless the curvature is painful or makes intercourse impossible. In some cases the end results may be diminished rigidity of the penis or inability to attain an erection due to nerve damage during surgery. To compensate, the doctor may place a penile prosthesis, (implant) which will make intercourse possible.

A word of warning - do not use a Vacuum Suction Device in an attempt to straighten the bent penis, it may cause more damage. Ask your family doctor for a referral to a urologist to assess the problem.

Also, remember that some men are simply born with a natural, gentle curve in the penis. This is NOT Peyronie's disease and can, in fact, be advantageous in intercourse. It's easier to hit a woman's G-spot with a curve ball!

For more detailed information, you can visit this great web site: Peyronie's Disease. It provides excellent background on the subject as well as the latest research. Graphic courtesy