Spicing Up Your Sex Life

You've been together for years. The relationship's good, but you look back on the frequent, mind-blowing sex that you had in the early months and years and wonder, "where did it all go?" These days, sex is the same old, same old. Something you do on a Friday night, without variety, without much excitement.

Your sex life is in serious need of spice! A weekend at a fancy hotel, without the children, will do it, but that's expensive. There are plenty of creative, less costly ways of turning up the heat.

Try role playing. You both get dressed up, go to a bar - separately - and then he has to try and pick her. Or she has to spot him in a bar and make a move on him. Be outrageous, then cool and withdrawn. Have fun.

Do a little "dirty dancing". All you need is some Latin music and a few scarves. Think of the great exercise you'll get at the same time.

Rescue your sex life from the doldrums by dressing up as a fireman or a policeman. Turn her on with laughter - put on your partner's sexy undies and flounce into the bedroom, hairy chest and all. After all, women often say that a man's sense of humour is the sexiest thing about him.

Talk dirty to your partner. Use all the expressions that would make your mother threaten to wash out your mouth with soap - "screw me hard" kind of language. He will be shocked and oblige. Call it in: you get on a phone in the bedroom, with your partner on a cell phone in another room, describe what you are doing, what you're wearing, how you are becoming passionately aroused. Your partner responds with how he could take care of it.

The simplest things can wake up a dormant sex life. When was the last time you sucked her toes, kissed the inner aspect of her thigh, licked his chest?

You don't need a frilly lace teddy. Use your imagination!