Teens, Courtship, and Sex

When I talk about sex education, I mean in depth information, not just the plumbing of sex, anatomy and physiology.

So I want kids to know when things are getting a little hot and heavy, they gotta know how and when to say STOP.. WHOA.. QUIT.. NO.. NOW.

It is important that they have decided ahead of time whether they are ready for sex or not. Sex is an adult behavior, and unless you are adult enough to be comfortable with your own body, unless you know about sex, Birth Control and all sexually transmitted diseases, unless you are in a long-term committed relationship and can talk about sex, unless you and your partner are mature enough to use a good method of birth control and agree to use condoms for SAFER SEX, you are not ready for sex. That should take you to about age 35.

If you decide you are not ready for sex, how far can you go before you are out of control? Well, it is called the Courtship Procedure, and it always starts out with a little kiss, on to a long passionate kiss, on to French kissing, open mouth kissing, tonguing.

You may not like this, but French Kissing is asking permission, saying “Can I go on?” If you return the French kisses, you are saying “YES” Is that what you want to say? If not, now is the time to say NO. If you don't say no, then don't be surprised to find he starts into breast petting on top of clothes, on to petting under clothes, petting below the waist, then petting under clothes, to nude total-body petting. Oral sex may enter the picture at any time along the way. That will lead to intercourse. Sorry to take all the romance out of it, but that's the way it goes. You are going to need birth control and condom protection, no question.

So now, in the cold hard light of day, think about it and decide how you feel about that. It must be a conscious decision.

Please don't tease your partner - that is not fair and we gotta be honest, some males get very angry when teased and you are vulnerable to sexual assault.


If you do decide (and “decide” is the operative word here,) talk about it ahead of time. You must agree to use condoms all the time, every time. And you must get a good method of birth control. And be prepared for the potential reaction of your parents. Think why you want to have sex, besides the fact that you are horney, And try to anticipate your reactions afterwards. Will you feel guilty, used, ashamed, cheap, scared or regret? Will your partner gossip, will that affect your reputation? Think….All these are important considerations.

Then make it special, not a few moments at a party. Please do not expect an orgasm the first time you have sex, it probably will not happen.