Sue's Top Ten Sex Toys - Season 3

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1) Gentle Sensations Kit Gentle Sensations Kit

A fabulous value, with no big, honkin' dildos! This kit includes:

  • 'Wicked Indulgences' DVD from the Sinclair Intimacy Institute, an explicit overview of many sexual techniques
  • The Amazing Hot Heart Massager - incredible massager that gets toasty hot when you squeeze it
  • Pocket Rocket - the venerable little clitoral stimulator
  • Vibrating Utopia Ring - a silicone sleeve with vibrator for the guys
  • Bottle of Intimé - excellent lubricant
We can see why this product won our VIEWER'S CHOICE AWARD for the season!

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2) I Rub My Duckie I Rub My Duckies

These have got to be the cutest sex toys on the market!

Two years ago, the first, larger version ended up in my bathtub. Now, a whole new flock has arrived.

Basically, these are waterproof vibrators and the vibrations are strongest at the beak. Perfect for clitoral stimulation. Mom can play in the tub and the kids will never figure out why it takes her SO LONG to take a bath.

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3) Energie Kegel Exerciser Energie Kegel Exerciser

Not a sex toy, but something far more useful.

It's a weighted barbell that you use to strengthen your PC muscles. You lie on your back, lubricate the Energie, and slowly insert it into the vagina, squeezing it with your PC muscles as it goes in. Then you practise your Kegels with it, strengthening your muscles over a couple of weeks. It is perfectly shaped for that purpose. If you are experiencing incontinence or not able to tighten your vaginal muscles during sex, you will be amazed by the results. Top quality from the folks at Natural Contours.

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4) Dinky Digger Dinky Digger

Don't let the stupid name fool you – DINKY DIGGER – it may be stupid, but it's another brilliant toy from the folks at Fun Factory.

It is a soft, pliable, and 100% silicone vibrator, which is great for people with latex allergies. These are made in Germany and the quality is first-rate. The DINKY DIGGER is a well-thought out sex toy that can be used for clitoral, vaginal and anal stimulation. There is just the slightest curve at the tip for G Spot or A Spot stimulation.

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5) Eroscillator Eroscillator

This strange looking device is the EROSCILLATOR, and it is a winner. Unlike most vibrators, it is not powered by batteries. You have to plug it in, and that gives it plenty of power. But, the most innovative thing about the EROSCILLATOR is how it moves. Instead of the whole thing bumping around like you're in the back of a pick-up truck, this one gently oscillates, and that makes a huge difference. It is just about impossible not to have an orgasm with this toy. It's expensive, but it's top of the line.



6) LayaSpot LayaSpot

I'm forever singing the praises of the good old Pocket Rocket, but I think this little vibrator will give it a run for its money.

It is called the LAYASPOT and it is 100% silicone, smooth, and totally waterproof. The ergonomics are fantastic – it feels so good to hold – and it has easy-to-reach illuminated buttons in the handle for variable speed control. This is perfect for clitoral stimulation, or stimulating the vaginal opening, or stimulating a penis and testicles. This is the second toy from Fun Factory on our Top Ten list.

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7) Natural Contours Liberté Natural Contours Liberté

Beautiful shape, great feel, easy access control, and it does not look like a penis. It can be used for external or internal vaginal or anal stimulation plus clitoral pleasure. This is a good G-spot vibe. It has three quiet speeds as well as a pulsing feature.

One note of caution - put the batteries in correctly. If you don't, the motor can burn out. Just sayin'...

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8) Rock-Chick Personal Massager Rock-Chick

It is 100% silicone and the vibrating bullet is removable. The unique "U" shape combines great vaginal stimulation and clitoral stimulation at the same time. There's a little "hook" at one end to reach the G-spot. It also has a ribbed section for women who prefer clitoral stimulation from rubbing rather than vibrations.

Because the bullet is removable, the business end of the vibrator is easy to clean, waterproof, and non-allergenic. Looks like a direct hit to us.

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9) Red Hot Vibrating Butt Plug Red Hot Butt Plug

We get a lot of questions about anal sex and butt plugs. Well, here is a goodie.

It is called the RED HOT VIBRATING BUTT PLUG and it's made out of a soft, pliable jelly material. The tip is tapered and easy to insert with lotsa lube, and the controller has a slider, which is so much easier to control than those stupid dial ones. It is easy to clean, and covering it with a condom would make it even easier. And best of all – it's quiet.

10) Passion Sleeve Toolkit Passion Sleeve Toolkit

I found this a few weeks ago when I was visiting a sex toy store and I thought it was great. It's called the PASSION SLEEVE TOOL KIT. Nice packaging, no orgasmic blondes in 'ho' shoes to promote it. Sweet and simple.

It's a vibrating bullet powered by watch batteries, and comes with 5 different, interchangeable sleeves that fit over the end. The sleeves come in various shapes and sizes, and are designed for clitoral stimulation. I would put a bit of lube around the sleeve so you can separate them more easily.

Plus, guys might even like it for stimulating the penis and the testicles. Keep in mind that this is NOT for penetration.

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