Top Toys Season 4

(In order of viewers' votes)
Talking Head Vibrator

#1 Winner!

Called the TALKING HEAD VIBRATOR, it is a silicone, dual-action vibrator and, besides manual dexterity, it requires 3 AA batteries. Now here's what is unique about it: A small, pre-recorded audio chip plugs into the base and you get to listen to an erotic scenario such as "Slow Ride" featuring Koby. When Koby no longer does it for you, you can buy other erotic chips, such as "Tony Gets Tough" and "Juan, the Latin Lover". There's even a female voice for lesbians, called "Courtney, the Sexy Girl". Many people enjoy "talking dirty" and find it a real turn-on. That's the aim of these fantasy recordings, to enhance the masturbatory experience. The TALKING HEAD VIBRATOR comes with two audio chips. The actual vibrator has good, strong vibrations. It's light, and the rotating pearl-action does the trick. Unlike many guys I know, it's not all talk and no action!

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Monkey Rocker

#2 Winner!

This masterpiece surprised all of us! Strap your favourite dildo or vibrator into the frame, sit on it, and ride 'em cowboy. You control the speed of penetration by rocking back and forth. Totally silent (although you may not be!) and light-weight. Expensive, but top-notch quality.

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Passionate Princess Kit

#3 Winner!

I love kits because they really give you value for your money. This is the best of the season. It is called the PASSIONATE PRINCESS KIT, guaranteed to warm up the castle on a cold winter's night.

It includes the ROMANCE COLLECTION DVD from the Sinclair Intimacy Institute. This is a trilogy of sexy short films where the romance is more important than the plumbing. There's an elegant bottle of INTTIMO AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE OIL. The scent is called 'Romance'. And this is no cheesy bottle of massage oil. This is a high-quality product from a company called Wet that specializes in oils and lubes. Then it's time to present the ROYAL PRINCESS. It's a soft, pliable, silicone vibrator that will tickle her G-spot or tease his penis and testicles and drive him wild. It has 7 different speeds including a pulsing function. Best of all, it is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or easily clean it. Why not do both at the same time? That could be fun. Plus there's a leather, studded cock-ring for the 'stallion', a bottle of SLIPPERY KITTY STRAWBERRY LUBE and some CRAZY GIRL FEMME WIPES. As far as value goes, this kit is tops!

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Finally - the perfect anal vibrator! It is called the MINI-MOLE. It is soft silicone and totally flexible. The egg comes out so you can actually boil the toy or run it through the dishwasher without wrecking it. It is thin for easy insertion, but what is really innovative is the little "hook" at the tip. This is perfect for stimulating the A-spot in guys, or possibly the G-spot in women. Most importantly, the motor shakes, so the vibrations are carried right to the tip. The MINI-MOLE does everything right.

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EMOTIONAL BLISS is a line from England, and this model is the FEMBLOSSOM. It fits nicely into your hand and is designed to stimulate the vaginal opening and the clitoris. The soft plastic material has a unique feature – an anti-bacterial agent is embedded into it. As for the motor, it has 45 individual vibrating functions. That should keep you busy. Powered by rechargeable batteries, it is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. Unlike most sex toys, it comes with a glossy book of instructions, including how to use the FEMBLOSSOM on a man. I have two complaints – it is not waterproof, and it's a bit noisy. Otherwise, it's first-rate and will last you for decades.

Vibrating Lovers Thong

Another surprising toy! You think cheap and cheesy, and this is the cheapest toy on the list, but the testers just loved it! The VIBRATING LOVER'S THONG is a simple idea - plastic beads stroke the genitals of both partners during intercourse while a little, waterproof vibe keeps things hoppin'. Sure, it's not that durable, but the price is right and you'll have fun wearing it out!

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Synergy Pleasure System

This product is so fantastic that I hesitate to call it a 'sex toy'. It is rechargeable, so no batteries to drop dead on you. Instead of vibrating, it OSCILLATES, which is a far more sensual movement than a motor banging around inside. There are 7 interchangeable heads so you are bound to find one to become addicted to. Plus, it is quiet, easy to clean, has a nice hand balance, and is gorgeous to look at. Comes with velour pouch. This is the finest toy we've seen so far this season.

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Ultimate Personal Shaver

Okay, so why is a shaver on this list? It ain't exactly a sex toy. We get SO many calls and emails about shaving pubic hair, that we went hunting for a good shaver, and this is it - the ULTIMATE PERSONAL SHAVER. Lovely presentation box, a Trimming Shaver – the long, thin one – used for cropping longer hair; and a Finishing Shaver – the short, fat one – which is used to get right down to the skin. There's also talc, a talc brush, and a cleaning tool. The kit also includes some stencils, such as a heart and a butterfly, just in case you want to indulge in some "pubic art." Other than the fact that the shaver is slow, it does do the trick, and is much safer than using a regular razor on your genitals.

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Eve's Harness Strap-on Kit

Once I got beyond past the trashy packaging, I examined EVE'S HARNESS STRAP-ON KIT more closely, and you know what – it ain't bad. The harness is sturdy, easy to clean and it expands to accommodate a person of large girth. It is crotchless, so there is access for genital stimulation, and it also allows you to pee if necessary. Hey, I got my priorities straight. It comes with one large realistic dildo and a smaller softer one, so your partner has a choice of what's comfortable for him or her. Even though it looks like camping gear from 'Brokeback Mountain', this is one of the best strap-ons that we have tested.

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Little Gold

The LITTLE GOLD is a long, slim, waterproof vibrator that is silent and made of 24-carat gold. Yup, you heard right. (We assume gold-plated, but couldn't find a reference to that.) So it ain't cheap, but it is truly unique and it just feels luxurious in your hand. These are created individually by a commercial designer, and not by a sex toy company. They also make a platinum version that's even pricier. The LITTLE GOLD runs for 16 hours on one battery. It is strong and weighty, and since gold is a non-reactive material, it's perfect for people with allergies or concerns about the materials in regular toys. Plus, it can be personally engraved by the manufacturer. My only concern is that it is rigid, so "gently Bentley" is the operative phrase here. There is something oddly sexy about owning a gold vibrator...

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Throughout the season, we have been featuring some cute and innovative items in our HOT STUFF EXTRA bumpers. Here are our faves:

C&M Travel Romance Kit

We loved the C&M COUPLES TRAVEL ROMANCE KIT. It's a fragrant mix of aromatherapy products, including a small scented candle, linen-mist for the bed, massage cream, bath gel, and a sea sponge, all in a cute little lunchbox. It's a super shower gift or birthday present for someone special.

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Wild in Secret Bondage Sashes

When callers ask about experimenting with mild bondage, I always suggest using something soft for tying up your partner. Well, these WILD IN SECRET BONDAGE SASHES sure beat an old pair of pantyhose. They are soft and silky, easy to clean, and each one features a butterfly pattern made of real Swarovski crystals. Very upscale bondage.

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Supersex Deck

Tracey Cox is an author that I rarely praise, but I had to eat my words with this product – THE SUPERSEX DECK. It has 52 playing cards with some very steamy photos and titillating tips for a frisky evening or two. Let's put it this way – with these cards, you are going to be playing UNDER the card-table, not on top of it.

Big O Vibrating Cock Ring

Here's something for guys – THE BIG "O" is a vibrating, silicone cock ring that is stretchy enough to encircle the base of the penis and the testicles. Often these stretchy cock rings are too thin and can pinch the skin – not this one. It is thick enough to provide a gentle "squeeze" to the genitals that many guys find very pleasurable. The vibrator pulses in a random pattern, which feels great, and the battery is replaceable. Drive him wild with one of these.

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Hide No Peek Storage Bag

Here's a cute idea – it's called the HIDE-NO-PEEK storage bag. It is designed to hold sex toys and hang in the closet. Take out the hanger and it's washable, and the best part is that it has a combination lock to keep snoopy kids from prying into adult business.

Pirates DVD

This season, my crew set out to find erotic films that were "couple-friendly", something that both genders could enjoy. The quest was pretty much of a bust, but Germaine and Lily did find one film they would both recommend – PIRATES. They thought the acting was so-so, but the production values and story were excellent, and the bodies weren't bad either. Germaine said it shivered his timber.

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So that's it - our round-up of the best Hot Stuff Extra products this year. Consider them all winners!