Yeast Infection

Candida or Monillia Albacans

Most women have at least one Yeast infection during their lifetime. It is not a Sexually Transmitted Disease although it can be transmitted from an infected partner.

Vaginal secretions are normally acidic - normally, this keeps the natural yeast "spores" under control. When you go on the Birth Control Pill, when you take antibiotics, when you are pregnant or hyperactive sexually or if you are diabetic, this acid balance gets out of whack. The vagina becomes alkaline and the yeast spores overgrow.

The first signs are a thick gucky white discharge from your vagina, your genitals burn and itch, are swollen, red and irritated. You just want to live in the bath tub. Go to your family doctor or Sexual Health Clinic where it can be diagnosed immediately. Then you go to the drug store and pick up antifungal vaginal suppositories, (usually called Monistat) They come in packages of one, three or seven day treatment. Pick up a small tube of Monostat Cream at the same time.

At bedtime, have a bath, insert one suppository into your vagina and rub a small amount of the cream on your genitals. Sleep, and in the morning it will feel much better, have a shower and repeat this the next night till you have used all the suppositories. You are fine, but if you are going to have sex, insist your partner use a condom.

Why? Well, your partner may be carrying the spores under the foreskin, even if he is circumcised, it may be hiding there. He should apply a small amount of the Antifungal cream to his penis to clear it up. Infected males may have a white flakey coating on the penis, it may feel dry and cracked. Use the cream and he must use a condom until it is completely healthy again.

Some females have chronic low grade yeast infections that flare up after sex or after every menstrual period. In this case, buy Monostat 7 suppositories, use one after your period or after sex. Also, do not wear tight jeans, panty hose or panties with a nylon crotch. These keep the body heat contained, triggering a repeat infection.

You can also use one ACIDOPHYLLIS capsule, (Health Food Store) inserted into your vagina as a prophilaxis, also eat one large 500 gram tub of plain unsweetened natural yogurt every day for lunch. This gets the acid/alkaline balance of the vagina back to normal again. If you are pregnant, ask your doctor if it is safe to use the antifungal suppositories.